Generative AI Video platform

You create,
Aive automatically
adapts your video for

each context and
social network

Aive is designed for large-scale video automation.
We enable you to enhance video post-production, distribution
and creative collaboration with all your teams from anywhere.

Why choose Aive?

Aive unleashes creativity through video automation

Save days of work with Aive, the easy-to-use Generative AI Video Platform. Aive helps brands and creatives to improve creative processes, and gives the freedom to create, iterate, and generate a multitude of video variations online in minutes.

Create the future of video


Imagine a new way of collaborating based on relevant creative analytics data

We've designed a cloud-based collaborative platform that brings all your videos together in one place.


Data-driven video creation
works better

Discover your video from a new perspective thanks to unique data, and compare your creations with pre-test creative insights.


Produce better
in less time

Gain efficiency and increase productivity by taking control of post-production automation and enterprise workflows. Ensure continuity by automating repetitive tasks and workflow with our no-code user tool.


From sharing to world-class dynamic cookieless distribution

Sharing a video or broadcasting it on a large scale has never been easier. Our AI-powered delivery engine uses creative data and viewing context analysis to dynamically deliver the right video for the best user experience.

Make your contribution

Because your ideas and your experiences will be the innovation of tomorrow, let’s build together the first AI Video Platform designed for all creative industries.